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PIMS Inventory Management Services | Velsof

A seamless inventory management helps in quick product delivery to customers.

The critical journey of goods from the warehouse of a company to the premise of a customer is based on the effective inventory management. It is not a one time process and needs constant management from time to time for avoiding unnecessary product delays. This inventory management is an inseparable part for every manufacturing based company, eCommerce stores or retail merchants that supply the products from the manufacturing end to the consumer end. If you are not successful in maintaining your company inventory properly, you will surely suffer a bigger loss in terms of product sales, customer engagement, brand reputation and much more.

No doubt, inventory used to be a cumbersome task that involved a lot of skilled manpower, effective database handling and time. However, with time much has changed in this area and the whole process has become much automated for a seamless inventory management. If you are not having a clear idea about how to automate your inventory, we will recommend you to avail our unmatched PIMS eCommerce services of Velocity based in India that has emerged as the most bankable name in the field of inventory management. Here are some of the salient features of this brilliant services.

Helps in reducing time lost in inventory management-

Earlier, inventory management used to be a very tiring job due to the amount of labour and manpower involved. People used to manually check and inform suppliers about the status of inventory management like “out of stock” products, “available product quantity”, “most sold products” and other such crucial data. This used to consume a lot of time and delayed the product delivery among customers.

Eliminates multiple point of inventory management-

With the help of this PIMS inventory management system, you can control your multiple stores in a seamless through a centralized PIMS server. The store owner has to make desired upgradation and changes in the PIMS server through the help of excel sheets and all other stores connected with the PIMS server will have access to upgraded information about your inventory management. This is the beauty of this automated eCommerce services that can set the new standards for your inventory management in India as well as other international markets.

Avoid chances of errors during inventory management-

As, the whole inventory management process is automated, so there is a considerable high efficiency rate in inventory management. One of the USP of this PIMS eCommerce services are its reduction in error chances that usually occur due to human intervention. Being a fully automated process, there are no more human made errors and the process of product delivery becomes much simplified than before. Our company Velocity can ensure efficient inventory management for your business as we have a huge experience of handling clients in India and overseas.

Cost efficient and robust in nature-

Being a centralized server based eCommerce services, it can be easily connected with other multiple stores of the client for a seamless inventory management. There is no need for the manual inventory management for each and every store and thus amount of manpower involved is very less as compared to the traditional method. Moreover, the entire system is more robust and there are less chances of a significant failure.

It is the opportune time to make the mark of our company in India and international business circuits with the help of this infallible PIMS inventory management system. Velocity will always be there to help you with this crucial task of inventory management. All you need to do is just make a call on this number +1 (424) 653-6907 or drop us a mail at [email protected] for our excellent eCommerce services.

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