5 Tips That Can Ensure A Resounding Success To Your Mobile E- Commerce Business

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Mobile phones have evolved a lot in the past few years and their application is not just limited to texting or receiving calls and has also made huge inroads in the business field. Now, more number of people are surfing internet through mobile based devices and are making online purchase through various e- commerce mobile apps. Further, according to the recent report of Criteo about the mobile commerce reveals that the share of mobile devices in the e- commerce transactions of the world has increased to as much as 38% in the first quarter of 2015 and is sure to make significant increase in the subsequent quarters. This statistical data clearly explains the growing influence of the mobile devices in the e- commerce industry and it is mandatory to pay adequate attention towards mobile based devices for making a significant improvement in your conversion rates and product sales. However, everybody is bothered about this crucial question “How can retailers improve conversion rates on mobile?” and is looking for possible answers. But, now here are the 5 amazing tips that can ensure a successful entry to your business organization with a perfect mobile e- commerce site.

Analyze the mobile shopping behavior of your targeted customers-

Before venturing out in the field of mobile commerce, it is important to have a detailed information about the behavior, mindset and interest areas of your mobile customers so as to understand how they interact with a particular site on mobile based devices. This information will help you understand what are the areas of immediate attraction and sore points in a site that needs to be embraced or avoided so as to keep your customers hooked to your mobile site

Choose only the mobile specific navigation so as to improve visitor engagement-

There is a huge difference in the screen size of a desktop and mobile which changes the customer engagement and interaction pattern on these individual devices. As, there is a limited space on mobile devices so work towards making the best possible use of it. You can make use of design elements like hidden menus, left side navigation, optimized images, limited page size and other such features so as to make your navigation around mobile sites much faster and easier. Responsive web design helps in providing same level of functionality and site experience inspite of the different screen sizes, so make optimum use of it during development of mobile site for improving your website navigation. Moreover, retailers can improve their sales by placing important and relevant information above the fold so as to get immediate customer attention for improving their website usability and conversion rates.

Place your CTA button at an appropriate place on your mobile site-

In order to bring your customer’s attention towards your CTA buttons, you need to put them at an effective place on your mobile site. Make sure that your CTA buttons are clearly visible to your targeted customers so as to increase their clickability. Further, you need to use a button size that can be easily clicked by your customers without any zoom so as to improve your conversion rates and product sales.

Include effective search facilities on your site for faster product accessibility-

Due to limited navigation space on mobile sites, customers often prefer searching for a particular product rather than browsing the category and sub category pages of your site. So, for facilitating a faster online purchase, it is important to have an effective search facility that can provide your customers an easy access to the desired product. Moreover, your search results should be more customer oriented and smart so as to provide them sure shot results while searching on your site.

Keep your checkout process simplified with minimum steps-

Customers are often frustrated while shopping online through mobile based devices due to continuous web page scrolling and multiple checkout fields. Due to this lengthy checkout form, customers leave a particular site in the middle and increases shopping cart abandonments without contributing in the product sales. But, this situation can be changed if business organizations just stick to the relevant checkout fields so as to make checkout process faster and much simplified.

These are some of the golden tips that can improve the conversion rates of your mobile website for grabbing a major share of revenue and market capitalization. These mobile sites are going to drive the future economy of the various e- commerce organizations, therefore start working towards them so as to ensure a breezy start in this mobile business segment.

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