How to simplify the site registration during Web Development? (Volume 1)

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How to simplify the site registration during web development? | Velsof

With simple registration process, it is easier to encourage customers for site involvement.

There is no such website that can deny the presence of registration process for accomplishing various critical tasks. It has become an integral part of various web development practices and site owners are now paying added emphasis on it due to their increased conversion potential. The registration process has emerged as an important tool of customer engagement that can drive more conversions and sales.

Imagine what would happen to your site if it is not supported by an engaging and simple registration process. It would not be less than a nightmare that could bear heavy consequences on the growth of your online store.

If you are building a website for your business or thinking about a redesign, it is important to pay adequate attention towards the registration process while availing the expertise of a well-known web development company. Let us take a look at some of the measures that can help you in grabbing an easy registration process for your website.

1. Show relevance of your registration process-

Simplify the site registration during web development- Show relevance of your registration process | Velsof

Improve the usability of the registration process by including relevant information with it.

It is a well-known fact that due to increased instances of online frauds and misuse of personal information, customers are often not ready to share their personal details like name, email address, contact number and other such data. You need to provide a valid reason for customers to register on your site like newsletter/ebook subscription, winning of a coupon/gift or discount offer, participation in a contest and other such factors.

To ensure the proper utilization of registration process on your site, you need to indulge with your selected web development company and have a clear plan about how to use the registration process in your site. They need to have a plan about how they are going to target your customers for the registration process and what is being offered to them in return. Some of the approaches that can help in adding value to your registration process are as follows:

- Asking customers for newsletter/ebook subscription.

- Offering them a chance to use your products or services for a trial.

- Providing them a chance to reap the benefits of affiliation, discount offers, gift cards or loyalty program through the registration process.

- Encouraging them to participate in a contest, event, feedback surveys, flash sales, seminar/webinar, and live shows.

- Informing them about the customization services offered by the company through the registration process and other such ways.

2. Keep it concise and to the point-

Simplify the site registration during web development- Keep it concise and to the point | Velsof

Simple registration process encourage more customers to register on a site.

For grabbing a winning registration process for your site, you need to have only important fields that are required in the registration process. Don’t ask for illogical and out of the context information from customers that can irritate them and can deviate them from registering on a site.

An ideal registration process should contain the minimum number of fields like “First Name”, “Last Name”, “Sex”, “Email Address”, “Password” and “Confirm Password” fields that form the basic requirements for a registration process. Always remember that the key to a good registration process is to “keep it short and simplified” for your targeted customers. Moreover, there are other ways like encouraging customers to fill a survey form or offering them a chance to win special price, discount or gift card through which site owners can obtain crucial personal details for customer re-targeting. Apart from this, there are various web analytics, A/B testing tools and other site monitoring tools that can offer a lot of information about site visitors in an effortless manner.

3. Make use of social login option- 

Simplify the site registration during web development- Make use of social login option | Velsof

Use social login options for ensuring a quick customer registration facility.

Customers often feel uncomfortable while creating a new account for the registration process and thus prefer to leave that process in the middle without ever returning back. To handle this situation, it will be better to utilize the social media login credentials for registering on a new site. It will not only save the time spent on the registration process but will also improve the customer engagement to a significant level.

Use of social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linked In and others for registration process has made it easier for site owners to access the personal details of customers in a smooth manner. Apart from this, the social login has made the registration process much faster due to the absence of multiple page redirects and validation requests to the server. Thus, it makes sense to adopt social login on your site for an easy registration process.

4. Decide the proper order of registration fields- According to human behavior and mindset, people respond in a different way when they come across a particular pattern or order. They are used to a particular order while accomplishing a critical task like site registration and leave it in the middle if it is not exactly as per their expectations. To make the proper utilization of registration process, web development service providers should consider the following points while redesigning the registration process for a website.

- It is important to follow the vertical layout for the placement of registration fields.

- Include a proper spacing between the two different fields in a registration process.

- Make use of “left alignment” pattern for the labels in your registration process.

- Make use of proper font type and style for the labels in the registration process so that they  can be easily visible to site visitors.

5. Specify your privacy and security policy-

Simplify the site registration during web development- Specify your privacy and security policy | Velsof

Include security seals and trust badges in your site for grabbing customer trust and satisfaction.

The world of internet has become much vulnerable due to various hacking and eavesdropping activities that happen every now and then. It has created a panic like situation and unnecessary concern in the minds of visitors while providing their personal credentials on a site. To handle the concerns of such visitors, it is important to create trust and loyalty among them regarding your site.

You need to display the privacy policy of your company in order to assure customers about the safety of their personal details. Apart from this, web development company can include various trust badges and security seals like Norton SECURED, VeriSign, TRUSTe, BBB, McAfee SECURE, SSLValue and others to allay the above fears of visitors. The presence of these security seals will make customers more confident while registering on your site. However, beware of using fake trust and security seals as it could backfire for the reputation of your company, so try to earn them through your services.

In the end…

This is not the end of the list and there are numerous approaches that can help in optimizing the usability and performance of registration process on a website. It is just a small beginning in the right direction that can take your business to great heights. Start involving customers in the registration process and see the huge difference in your business fortunes.

If you are unable to find the right web development service providers for your business, we will recommend you to try out Velocity for getting an engaging registration process. You can reach out to the company through its phone number +91-120-4243310 or can send an email at [email protected].

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