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Social media trends to follow for the year 2017 to maximize conversions

  • By Joe
  • December 21, 2016
Social media trends to follow for the year 2017 to maximize conversions | Velsof
Social media trends that can transform the performance of your business.

If you are planning to spread your business to a global level irrespective of the geographical boundaries, linguistic differences, cultural diversity and other such factors, social media is your playing turf. It is constantly growing and charting new territories to help your business growth. The world of social media is on the rise and the social media sites like Facebook have crossed the 1 billion plus online users in a short span of time. Businesses are actively embracing social media platforms to grab a global identity and presence among their targeted customers.

There are plenty of social media platforms but people are still unable to tap its complete potential for grabbing optimum business results. It is important to make the most of these social media platforms by following these social media tips. Here are some of the social media trends that are going to be followed effectively by every social media optimization company in the changed business scenario.

1. Remember that the videos are still the king in the content-

Social media trends to follow for the year 2017 to maximize conversions- Remember that the videos are still the king in the content | Velsof
Include videos in social media content that can grab instant customer attention and sales.

The days of the textual based content is limited as people are more interested in short descriptive videos. These videos are of short 2-3 minutes duration and are capable of generating instant customer attention and sales. However, use optimized videos in your regular content, social media posts and other such write-ups for getting quick customer acceptance. Some of the quick facts that can explain the importance of videos in the business world as analyzed by SMO experts are mentioned below:

  • It was observed that real estate listings that have video content received 403% more inquiries than the others that did not contain any such videos.
  • Around 64% of the users are seen to purchase product online instantly after watching a video.
  • It was seen that 90% of the users were encouraged for a quick product purchase with the help of product videos.

So, include engaging videos in your PrestaShop store with the help of impressive product video extension for your PrestaShop store. The Addon can easily optimize the performance and sales of your online store to a great extent.

2. Social media engagement is critical for your business-

Social media trends to follow for the year 2017 to maximize conversions- Social media engagement is critical for your business | Velsof
Improve social engagement with your customers for optimizing the business performance.

Business promotion and marketing activities are changing continuously but social media optimization is the flavor that is sure to rule for years to come. Every business needs to focus on their social media strategies by hiring the best SMO service provider company in order to get the much required competitive edge over their business rivals. You need to implement the social media marketing strategies that can land you in a sweet spot among your business competitors. While devising the SMO campaigns for your business, you need to focus on certain things such as customer engagement level, sharing percentage of the content and actual conversion rate potential of your business. Take the help of popular social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other mediums that can help in providing you maximum conversions and product sales.

3. Create your niche social followers and dominate them- 

Social media trends to follow for the year 2017 to maximize conversions- Create your niche social followers and dominate them | Velsof
Grab maximum social followers for your business growth and expansion.

You need to be an expert in the social media field and not behave as an inexperienced beginner. Understand the nuances of social media marketing and promote your business by understanding your niche customer base. There are different social media platforms that are dedicated to different types of users, so promote your business accordingly. You need to remember that “A right key can only open a lock”, so don’t waste your time, money and efforts on any irrelevant social media platform. Businesses can get a clear idea in this regard by taking the expertise of the right SMO company that can help in optimizing their chances of business growth. Create your company fan page, Twitter profiles or any other medium to interact directly with your targeted customers.

4. Focus on your social media content- Content is one of the strongest pillars in the field of business promotion be it offline or online medium. This grabs, even more, importance in the context of social media platforms as there are several writing guidelines and restrictions about the same. For instance, social media platforms like Twitter have a strict guideline for content which includes posting only 140 characters tweets. This may be too small freedom for content writers and digital marketing experts but it can be effectively implemented by understanding how Twitter marketing is actually done. Similarly, other sites like Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube and others take the help of images and videos for business promotion in an online world. To make the best out of your images and videos, it is important to be sure that they are well optimized in nature.

5. Conversion is the real goal of your social media optimization- It is important to retain old customers, involve new prospects but all these activities will be of no use if you can’t generate the required number of conversions for your website. Work towards transforming the customer engagement on your social media accounts into the actual customers for your website. Businesses can promote their current, upcoming and special shopping deals or offers on their website to grab maximum customer attention and conversions. To fulfill this critical task, it is important to chalk out a special social media campaigns for your website by availing the services of a reputed SMO service provider company.

In the end…

Social media is the current trend in the promotion and marketing field and will continue to dominate the current scenario in the years ahead. The social media platform has a huge hidden business potential and it is still largely untapped by businesses around the world. Just imagine with the user base of millions and billions of people around the world, the might of social media can’t be underestimated at all. So, it is better to adjust your sails accordingly to  grab the most in this changed business scenario.