How to optimize the YouTube Videos to promote your brand?

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How to optimize the YouTube Videos to promote your brand? | Velsof

YouTube Optimization tips to promote your videos to the right people.

Website and content optimization is being used by the marketers to its fullest extent. No doubts, content is the King, but have you considered an another much effective platform? I am taking about an another type of content which is spreading its legs to rule the online promotions and marketing. Video contents- YouTube being the most accessible repository for video contents has emerged as a powerful social media platform too.

Taking some additional steps to increase the range of your marketing and website promotion through YouTube is always a great idea today. One can easily create a video and post it to his YouTube profile. The fun begins here; As the YouTube is full of different kinds of videos, it becomes very tricky to get your content in the limelight. Like Google and other search engines, YouTube has its own ranking algorithm and one has to do a strict YouTube optimization to please the algorithm.

Factors that affect your ranking on the YouTube-

How to optimize the YouTube Videos to promote your brand?- Factors that affect your ranking on the YouTube | Velsof

Factors that affect your YouTube video ranking.

1. Watch Time- Like the bounce rates in search engine optimization, YouTube too wants to see how long the visitors get engaged to a particular video. Just the click and views are not enough to acquire an organic ranking on YouTube. If visitors are coming to your video and bouncing back from it without spending a considerable amount of time, it would affect negatively.

2. Keywords are always important- Relevance of keywords is seen as an important factor in all types of search engine optimization. YouTube too considers this factor as one of the major signals in its ranking algorithm. So relevant keywords in video description is a wise thing to include.

3. Subscriptions- It is not just about a single video content; it’s about your whole YouTube channel that matters more. If people are enjoying your videos, they would love to see more from you. For this, viewers subscribe to the channel and set alerts so that they never miss a video from you. If you are able to impress more and more viewers, you subscribers counts will increase. It will not just improve your YouTube ranking but would also build up your YouTube reputation. Thus, triggering a more organic ranking signal.

4. Interactions and reactions of viewers- Interactions and reactions include the after effect on viewers after watching a video. YouTube just do not want its users to see a video and forget about it. It wants the users to express their reactions. The likes and comments are the keys to express the reactions. If viewers are liking your videos or commenting on them, it means they have had a considerable interaction with it. Videos with comments and likes are always favored by YouTube.

5. The length of your video content- Now, the length of your video depends on the kind of videos you are posting. Different types of videos have their own ways to express the messages. However, it is a known fact that videos with shorter length gets more views and bounce back are also lesser on them.

What should you do to optimize your YouTube videos?

1. Making it worth watching-

The point one in previous sections talked about how the watch time is a critical factor in YouTube ranking algorithm. To earn a perfect watch time, make sure your video is worth watching.

A critical point is to be noted is that, even in typical content marketing in SEO, users do not care about your brand name. The same goes to your promotional intentions. A video with shameless promotion would definitely not gain any watch time. If you are just adding one more Ad video, then it’s not different from the TV commercials which are generally skipped by the viewers.

Viewers want to see the videos that are relevant to their search queries. They do not come to waste their data packs in watching Ads. Focus on making the videos that are informational or Emotional.

Emotional: Emotional videos are the most effective if we consider the statistics till now. Major proportions of viral videos are emotional. All the inspirational or amazing videos comes from this section. If you can resonate your videos to the personal level, they will impact the emotions of the viewers and would trigger reactions for sure.

Informational: Informational or education videos are aimed at a different section of population. These people are the ones looking for some information on a definite topic. For example, a tutorial video on how to install PrestaShop would be an informational video.

Each and every visitor on YouTube are in seek for videos according to their needs. You cannot satisfy everyone; you do not need to do that either. Just focusing on your professional domain and creating videos related to your profession would be a better idea. Just maintain the proper ratio of information and promotion, and you are good to go.

2. Video descriptions are as important-

Unlike search engine optimization, YouTube or Google does not actually watch your videos. They can only understand the relevance of your videos through the video description and certain tags.

You need to follow these steps to prepare a better video content description:

Step 1: Create a relevant video title- Include the keywords in major focus here. Make it relevant to your video content which would include a catchy description with few words long only.

Step 2: Remember that keywords stuffing is not going to help either. YouTube cares watch time even more than the views. Using relevant keywords will make sure that it goes to the right audience. Thus, minimizing the chances of bounce rates.

Step 3: Description is hardly taken seriously by most of the rookie YouTubers. Remember that you will miss a perfect chance of keyword inclusion if you limit your video description to just a few words. The content in the video description does not only help is YouTube optimization but also in search engine optimization in Google SERPs. So, identify your target keywords and include them in a really comprehensive description.

3. Call to actions- You creating a professional video and utilizing it to promote your brand. A definite call to action is the first that should not be missed in these videos. Once you reach your target audience, your next job is to either take an action that directs to your site or other videos on your YouTube channel. In This was you can not only promote your brand name but will also optimize the other videos or your channel.

It is wise to include the call to actions at the end of the video other it might distract the viewer. Encouraging the viewers to like comment and share your video is a definite CTA that should always be included. Another thing to note is to provide your business links and other relevant links in the content description. For example, if you are talking about a certain product on your eCommerce site, then a direct link to product page can be included in the video description.

4. Promotion of videos-

How to optimize the YouTube Videos to promote your brand?- Promotion of videos | Velsof

Sharing a YouTube post on Facebook wall for SMO optimization of videos.

It is the last step in your YouTube video optimization. Once your video is available for the live audience, your next job is to promote it so that it gets the maximum attention. Encouraging the viewers to like share and comment on the video is definite point to be included in your plan. However, if you can utilize the other social media platforms like Google+ and Facebook, then it would be more than great.

Most of the viral videos till now have become so popular just because of their shares on social media platforms. Utilize your presence on social media sites to showcase your video links on these platforms. Social media is a perfect add-on in addition to the on-site YouTube Promotion.


YouTube optimization can empower your videos to extend their reach to millions of potential customers. By following some fundamental tips like above, you can get your them in front of relevant people and prevent the possible bouncebacks.

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