Is Google opening up “Not provided”?

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“Not Provided” keyword in the Google Analytics Keyword listing is something which every webadmin hates. It’s like living in an awesome house where everything is working but you do not know which item is actually making the difference. If you have been living under the rock, this link is for you not provided.

Image1 is something which one used to see when looking at the Google Analytics report. If one wanted to look at the possible keywords which were the reason for the traffic on your website, then you would have to click on landing pages to understand that which page got more traffic and which all keywords might have been (probably the ones which are being promoted for that page). This certainly gave some insight into the not provided data.

Velsof - Google opening up “Not provided"

However, a positive surprise came on 20th November, 2015, when Google started providing more detailed information about “not provided” keywords as is also visible in the image 2 below.

Velsof Google opening up “Not provided”Image-2

Now, “not provided” keywords or “np” as represented in the image is shown along with the respective landing page. This is something which was missing big time and its going to help a lot in this era of “not provided”. Not all my accounts have received this update, as of now only one has, we are still working on it and trying to figure out how to extract more information from this. Hopefully it helps SEO professionals to better plan the SEO strategy and manage content marketing activities.

Keep track of this thread for further updates.


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