How to recover your website hit by Google Penguin?

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How to recover your website hit by Google Penguin? | Velsof

Google’s penguin algorithm has hit the spammers hard.

Google’s new penguin algorithm has hit the digital world with a mighty blow. The anti-spamming algorithm from the webmaster seems to tighten the cruise against those who undertake unethical SEO practices. Many websites have witnessed the dirt of the Penguin’s working since it’s inception in April 2012. However, the good news is that in case your website get’s punished by the new algorithm you still can recover from the blow. Many companies are providing full time dedicated Google Penguin recovery services. These Google penguin recovery service companies can play a vital role in restoring your lost presence on the digital platform.

How to know that you are punished?

The first and foremost thing is to ensure that whether you are punished or not? How to do that? You will not receive any notification from the Google regarding the stemming of your website due to the algo, because Google doesn’t consider it as a punishment.Instead it sees as a major shift in organic traffic and SERPs ranking. Examine your search related traffic on the backdrop of Google penguin’s update date. In case the results are depreciating, then, there are high chances of your website being punished.

How to step further for recovery?

Once you have realized that your website is punished, you need to immediately initiate the Google penguin recovery service process. Remove those useless links. Send a mail to the webmaster of each website to request the link removal. In case, you do not receive a response, don’t worry we have other options.

Low-quality links

You can now go for disavowing those negative low-quality links. To do this go to the webmaster tools and use Disavow tool to notify the Google of your request. Now keep patience and work on aligning your SEO practices along with Penguin algorithm to gain back those lost SERPs rankings.

Manual spamming action

It refers to the process where a human auditor inspects your website and flags it as a spam if it is found to be violating Google’s policy. If you have set-up your website in the webmaster tools, you will receive a notification regarding this kind of Manual spam action. In this case, if you think that your technical skills are not competent enough then you should opt for hiring 3rd party services.

Google penguin recovery service companies

Google penguin recovery service companies | Velsof

If you are lacking the professional skills, then, you can opt for 3rd party services.

If you find yourself bogged down in front of Google’s penguin algorithm, you need not worry. All you need to do is to avail the Google penguin recovery services for your website. We at Velocity, provide you with such services. Along with recovery services, there is also a need to maintain your website by utilizing Penguin compatible SEO strategies. These things need to be ensured so as to avoid any further breach.

Final say

Recovery services and recovery mechanism play a vital role in bringing back the visibility of your website. In case you want to avail these services then you can visit the URL- for further details.

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