How can Google Quick Answer Box improve the online presence of your business?

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How can Google Quick Answer Box improve the online presence of your business? | Velsof

Work towards getting your content featured in Google Answer box for getting immediate customer attention.

Online searching and search engine optimization techniques are constantly evolving since the birth of Internet. People are trying out new ways, techniques and keyword phrases to look out for relevant results based on their search queries. Apart from the human efforts, Search engines are constantly making regular changes in their search relevancy to provide more accurate results to online searchers. Google, being the ace search engine has constantly updated its search engine algorithms, search criterion for displaying results, displaying query results in search engine result pages (SERPs) and other such changes for making search results more optimized and accurate.

Google Quick Answer box is one such approach that has been used to make the search results more informative and relevant to the search query of the online searchers. It has made a tremendous impact on the search engine optimization strategies of various websites around the world. Let us have a brief look towards this Google Quick Answer box.

Google Quick Answer Box-

It is a highly visible text snippet answers and links that are displayed at the top of the search engine result pages (SERPs) of the Google search engine. It is a SERP feature that is displayed in a light gray box that appears above the organic results. The Answer Box evolved with the aim of reducing the user time while searching for a query, description, definition or answer on Google. Since, its introduction in September, 2014, Google Answer box has led to a significant boost in organic traffic for various sites.

To bring the attention of your customers towards your site or answers, you need to start your answers with the keyword phrases like “how”, “why”, “where” and “what”. The selection of your content on Google Quick Answer Box increases the prominence of your site, business or brand. Apart from this, you need to remember that the answers that are selected for the Quick Answers are not just taken from the results that are positioned as number 1 on the SERPs. They can be even from the sites or results that may be ranking on number 3, 4 or 5 and can immediately get the center attention of the online searchers even if you are not positioned on number one ranking. However, most of the time, the answers in the Google Quick Answer box are from the top 5 search results on SERP. It is now time to understand the impact of Google Answer box on your online business.

Impact of Google Answer box on your business and online visibility

Within a short span of time, Google Answer box has redefined the search engine optimization and content marketing efforts to a great extent. Now, the search results are focusing on providing the relevant search results based on the question, definition or query of the searcher. Take a look at how these Google Answer boxes will affect your business chances and growth opportunities among your rivals.

Answer boxes helps in grabbing instant attention towards your brand and company-

By getting your content featured on the top or side of Search engine result pages (SERPs), you can effortlessly grab more customer attention and traffic towards your site. If your content is preferred by the Google SERPs, there are chances that it would be visited by more number of online searchers that can ultimately improve your sales and conversions. No matter if your website does not feature in the top of the SERPs, it will still be visited by more number of people if your content is selected for the Google Answer box.

It makes the online searching much faster and refined-

These Google Quick Answer boxes can make search results more refined and faster by providing results based on the user’s question, definition or query. It will provide them with more precise and relevant information that can reduce the searching time of the user to a great extent.

You can get better online visibility and presence on various search engines-

When your site related content will be featured as Answer box in Google SERPs, people will be tempted to click on that results as they seem to be favored by the Google itself. Due to this, your site and business will be trusted and visited by more number of people. Apart from this, it will also help in improving the online presence and visibility of your site on various search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing and others.

It improves CTR and thus increases the chances of making higher sales and conversions-

Once, your content is visible as Answer box in search results, you will automatically get higher Click through rates (CTR) on your site. With more CTR, there is a higher probability of making bumper sales and conversions for your site.

It is time to make a significant change in search engine optimization and content marketing techniques to get your content selected as Google Answer box. You need to include question words like “How to”, “What is” “Where” and others for matching the search query of your targeted customers. Start employing efforts in this direction and you will be rewarded with better business fortunes and higher online visibility on various search engines. If you want more specialized SEO services for the better online visibility and growth of your business, you need to contact Velocity that has years of experience and resources in the field of Search engine optimization. You can reach us through our phone number +91-120-4243310 or can email us at [email protected].

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