Google announces new Webmaster Tool- Google Search Console

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So finally it’s here! Google announces its new Webmaster tool- Google Search Console. For nearly a decade, Google Webmaster Tools has provided users with upgraded tools to make superb, functional websites that are shown in the Google Search. Therefore, Google Webmaster Tools search its loyal users in order to make the products better.

The conventional idea of the webmaster reflected only some of the websites from the various ones, namely; hobbyists, small business owners, SEO experts, marketers, programmers, designers, app developers and webmaster tool. The bottom line of whatever you share is that it should be available online and obviously be findable through Google Search. Hence, Google Webmaster Tools is re-branded to Google Search Console for everyone who cares about search.

Google hopes that the users find their experience with Google Search Console exciting and intend to see users from all genres including webmasters.

If you wish to use this new service, drop by; diagnose and improve the visibility of your content in search. Follow up for the updated branding across the product in the coming weeks.

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