Holiday Checklist: Things you need know about Mobile-based Shoppers

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The year 2016 saw around 17% rise in the holiday sales. This trend is expected to move a step ahead this year. As the holidays are just around the corner, the eCommerce sites need to be aware and prepped about the omni-channel marketing trend and it’s impact on the consumer expectation. One of the biggest trend that is taking the eCommerce scenario by storm is the shopping via mobile phones. Since the year 2015, the mobile searches related to shopping has jumped by 120%. The mobile-first functionality of the shopping apps prioritizes speed and ease-to-use search facilities. Thus, the mobile apps are bound to one of the driving forces in the busiest season of the year.

ThinkwithGoogle recently shared an insight of the mobile-first shoppers with close reference to the upcoming holiday season. Keeping in mind the information shared, the blog talks about some of the consumer-behavior trend that requires the consideration of the e-marketers. While most of the strategies must have already been implemented, these are some of the last minute adjustments that can help you nail the sales season. Take a look.

Location based searches

Location Based Searches

The location based searches has increased over the last couple of years. This holiday season, over 85% of the mobile-based internet users are expected to search the queries like ‘Where can I find’, ‘Where to buy’ and others. Thus, the location-based searches urges the online shoppers to update the contents accordingly. Hence, when it comes to mobile app development incorporating this feature is a must. The web content of the both the desktop sites as well as mobile apps should include the solution for the queries being asked by the prospective customers. Incorporate local SEO in your business model and this shall attract way more traffic that you’ve been expecting.

Rise of shopping apps

Shopping Apps

Over 30% of the online shopping was observed to be done using their handheld devices. However, this trend is expected to go up to 54% this year, while the desktop shoppers will be around 46%. The rise in the introduction of the shopping apps has added to the competition. Not just the eCommerce giants even small and medium enterprises are upgrading their business model to the mobile platform. Thus, the very first checklist includes the optimization of the mobile app. Ensure a flawless mobile transaction even when the traffic will increase the expectation. Convert every touch-point of the store visitors into leads by making it efficient enough to handle the extra pressure. Make sure that the offers and schemes that you are running at your site is compatible with the apps as well.

Promotional videos

Pramotional Videos

The promotional videos are soaring in popularity. The watch time of the videos have increased 10 times in the current scenario. Moreover, 90% of the customers watch the videos on their mobile phones. Thus, holiday centric clips is one of the effortless ways to develop the emotional connection with the customers. Videos has shown great ROI in the recent past and is suspected to have a great impact on the upcoming sales season. Trust is the foundation of the conversion and sales. The YouTube videos have proved to be an effortless way to kick start the emotional marketing campaign. This has worked for the eCommerce giants like Amazon. Moreover, when it comes to ranking high on Google’s SERP, this one of the ways to win the race. With interesting titles, description and proper use of keywords it becomes easier to enhance visibility in the busy season.

The personalized experience

Personalized Experience

In addition to the expected solution to the queries, the customers experts a personalized online experience. The answers provided to them by the online stores should be super-relevant and tailored as per the need of the target audience. With the gift-culture setting, the online researchers tend to search for the keywords specifying whom the gift is intended for. For instance, ‘gifts for boss’, ‘Christmas gifts for girls’ are some of the keywords being searched online. Hence, optimizing the website and the mobile store is a must. Proper landing pages that includes the relevant keywords can help grab the attention of the right target audience. Simplifying the transaction and making it easier for the visitors to find their desired product can help you boost your revenue.

Last minute shoppers

With ample sites to browse and so many options to choose from, the customers feel empowered. Owing to the impatience as well as the busy work schedule, there has been an increase in the last-minute shoppers. Even last year maximum searches were done on Christmas eve. Bringing the entire store in the pockets of the consumers is the biggest hack of the grabbing more conversions. At the same time, it has even increased the responsibility. Thus, the mobile-based services need to stay at there toes right till the last minute. Taking the last moments lightly may cost you some easy conversions. This is because it is easier to curb the purchase intention of the eleventh hour.

Over to you

Uplift your mobile app as per the current trend in order to get an edge over your competitors. Rather than going for the long mall stroll, the customer will shop for the season in a matter of moment. Hence, the service providers need to gear up for the expectation of the shoppers with proper strategy with a better insight of the consumer behavior.

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