How SharePoint 2013 is a Delight for Developers?

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What's New for Developers in Sharepoint 2013 | Velsof

Presence of new advanced features and functionality has made this SharePoint 2013 platform very useful for web developers.

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 is a business collaboration and web application platform that is associated with Web Content Management and Document Management System for an effective business experience. With this multi purpose SharePoint platform, you can perform tasks like managing and provisioning intranet portals, extranets, document management, file management, social networking tools and much more. It has also helped in revamping the development experience of various developers due to the presence of numerous features. Let us take a look at the same.

1. Presence of Cloud Add- in model-

This amazing Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform has come up with a Cloud Add- in model that has helped in the seamless creation of add- ins. These SharePoint Add- ins are self- contained pieces of functionality that can help in enhancing the capabilities of a SharePoint website. There can be components like lists, workflows and site pages along with the integration of remote web application and remote data that can be included in the add- in of SharePoint website. Due to the non dependance of add- ins on any other software, they can be easily installed and uninstalled without any trouble. In addition to this, SharePoint 2013 platform consists of an innovative delivery model for SharePoint Add- ins that comprises of components like Office Store and Add- in Catalog.

2. Support for familiar programming model-

Support for familiar programming model | Velsof

Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform supports various programming technologies for seamless creation of SharePoint solutions.

With the help of SharePoint development services, web developers that are working or may not be working on SharePoint platform can effortlessly create SharePoint solutions. This has been possible due to the web standards like HTML, CSS, JavaScript and others that forms the backbone of this web application platform. Apart from this, the seamless implementation of this established protocols like the Open Data protocol (Odata) and OAuth.

3. Emergence of new development tools-

Napa Office 365 development tools | Velsof

With new development tools, SharePoint 2013 can contribute in seamless creation of sharepoint add- ins, office add- ins and other such solutions.

For improving your web development experience, there are numerous improvements in existing development tools such as Visual Studio, SharePoint Designer, Napa Office 365 Development Tools that can help in the seamless development of SharePoint Add- ins, Office Add- ins and other solutions. Besides this, new properties have been added to the Properties window and Properties pages for supporting seamless creation of SharePoint Add- in projects. Other improvements that are made in this SharePoint development platform that makes it one of the most promising web application platform in India and overseas are OData and OAuth support, full support for development against the Workflow Manager Client 1.0 platform and such others.

4. Availability of Business Connectivity Services-

Availability of Business Connectivity Services | Velsof

Business Connectivity Services of SharePoint 2013 has got a major boost with the addition of new features.

Due to the presence of Business Connectivity Services (BCS), it is now easier to access data from external data systems like SAP, ERP, CRM along with other data driven applications that are exposed through WCF services or OData endpoints. Apart from this, there has been addition of improved features like OData connectivity, external events, external data in add- ins, filtering and sorting options, support for REST and such other functionalities for better business connectivity.

5. Support for core platform enhancements-

With constant improvements, new advanced and improved features has been added to this Microsoft SharePoint 2013 platform. It consists of a new cloud based architecture, app driven development framework, social media integration and other such functionalities for getting rich application development experience. Apart from the use of Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoints, this web application development platform consists of a new Application Programming Interface (API) for server- client development and client side rendering.

6. Enhanced mobility feature- 

What's New for mobile devices in Sharepoint 2013 | Velsof

Mobility feature of SharePoint 2013 has made development of mobile apps a much easier task.

One of the main reason that has made this SharePoint development services as much popular in the business environment is that it consists of improved mobility feature. These mobility features are based on existing Microsoft tools and technologies like SharePoint, Windows Phone 7, Visual Studio and Microsoft Silverlight. With these functionalities, it is now easier to create SharePoint powered mobile applications for Windows Phone through the use of new SharePoint phone application wizard template present in Visual Studio that allows seamless creation of list based mobile applications. Further, it is now simple to include features like Geolocation field type and push notifications available in SharePoint Server into your mobile applications.

7. Improved features for social and business collaboration-

Business users can now stay engaged and informed with people of their concern through the help of its improved social and business collaboration features. Now, users can get constant updates and information about their topic of interest with the help of improved My Site Social feed feature. Apart from this, the new Community Site feature imparts a rich community experience that allow users in sharing information with similar interests people by locating them effortlessly.

8. Better Search facility-

Better Search facility | Velsof

Search function has optimized a lot with this SharePoint 2013 web application platform.

With the help of advanced features like enhancements, custom content processing along with Content Enrichment web service, framework for presenting search result types and such others, search functionality for Microsoft SharePoint 2013 has improved a lot. Besides this, there are significant improvements that have been made to the keyword query language (KQL).

With the help of these amazing features, this SharePoint platform is a delight for the web developers as it helps in the seamless creation for web based applications. However, if you need to build powerful web applications depending upon your business requirements, our SharePoint development services, Velocity can provide you desired results without hurting your pocket in a big way and has been recognized by clients not only in India but also in overseas for its complete commitment. For any other information, do make a call on this number +91-120-4243310 or mail us at email id [email protected].

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