Mobile Apps that can Boost the Performance of your E-Commerce Store

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In this world of increasing mobile devices and reach, there is no field left which is not affected by the mobile revolution. Businesses are increasingly make use of mobile devices for increasing their customer reach, site traffic, conversion rates and sales revenue. Particularly, eCommerce has seen rapid strides in their business fortunes by providing customers desired products and services through numerous mobile based devices. If you do have an eCommerce store, here are some of the amazing mobile apps that can redefine the business growth, expansion and future of your eCommerce business.

1. Spring-

Spring | Velsof

Improve your product sales with the Instagram style photo feed of various products.

This Instagram style mobile app provides photo feed of various products along with the community of other luxury labels and emerging brands for purpose of selling. Spring does not have any shopping cart for its users. In order to make a product purchase, users need to fill out their credit card and shipping details and have to finally swipe beneath a particular product for that final transaction. Moreover once you like a particular item, this mobile app development services allow seller to send push notifications to its targeted customers.

2. Product Hunt- 

Product Hunt | Velsof

Get all the technology related trending products instantly with this mobile app.

Product Hunt is an amazing mobile app for tech enthusiasts that helps in discovering and sharing the trending products in the field of technology. User can submit, vote and bookmark and search their favorite products through this mobile app. It also allow users to follow the product conversation with various followers, customers and founders for higher conversion rates, product sales and customer engagement on your online store.

3. Wanelo- 

Wanelo | Velsof

Wanelo allow people to follow favorite stores and people at one single place only.

This wonderful mobile app, Wanelo is an acronym for Want, Need, Love and is advertised as “mall on your phone”. It is a shopping entertainment mobile app that provides information about the unique stream of products that are posted by users alone. With this app, you are capable to follow favorite stores and people at one single place and can get customized product feeds that are tailor made for you. Some of the products that are included in this list are fashion, clothes and accessories for women, men and kids along with home decor and furniture items. Wanelo, a wonderful mobile app development product also provides functionality to users for creating their own wishlist.

4. Raise-

Raise | Velsof

Use this amazing mobile app for selling and purchasing gift cards.

Raise is a mind blowing mobile app that helps in seamless purchasing and selling of gift cards. Mobile app users can utilize the Raise Marketplace for finding all the discounted gift cards for numerous brands such as Target, Macy’s and Home Depot. They can also use this mobile app development services for selling gift cards at their desired price on this Raise marketplace platform.

5. The Hunt- 

The Hunt | Velsof

Use this mobile app for community shopping purposes.

The Hunt mobile app is a type of community shopping app. Users just have to post the photo of the product they are looking for and the huge community of this app will help in finding it, styling it or even help you in purchasing it for a lesser amount. You need to check out what is trending or can utilize your shopping skills for recommending products to other people.

6. Peach-

Peach | Velsof

With this Peach, you can arrange private auctions for goods created by designer brands.

Peach is an example of wonderful mobile app development exercise that provides nine minute private auctions for various goods that are provided by designer brands. However, this auction is particularly meant for members of this mobile app only and can provide you a discount percentage that can be upto 80 percent. You can decide the price that can be paid by you for a product and always get the second highest offer to pay.

It is high time to embrace these wonderful mobile apps developed by various mobile app development services for changing your eCommerce fortune in terms of conversion rates, product sales, customer engagement and site traffic. Remember “mobile devices are the current growth engine drivers for various eCommerce companies around the world”, so make the best possible use of this ever increasing platform.

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