How can you boost up your eCommerce sales this summer in 2019?

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We all love summers, but it can be a tough time for an eCommerce business owner. The rise in temperature often results in fewer sales as people are generally out enjoying their vacations. This means that they would be spending less time on their devices and making fewer purchases overall. Summer season is infamous for an eCommerce business as it leads to the serious downfall of sales. This results in low revenues making it the least appreciable time of the year.

To keep your sales hot this summer, you need to be creative and find out some diligent marketing strategies during the slow summer months. Regardless of your e-commerce vertical, there are a variety of strategies to be implemented for increasing e-commerce sales this holiday season. Here are some of the strategies we provide you to help boost your sales this summer:

Launch a summer product

Shelving the products on the website which are of no use in summers is definitely a bad idea. It’s important to list the items which can particularly provide a good business in summers. Try to launch summer-friendly products as these items practically sell themselves without any advance promotions.


Sunglasses can never go wrong in summers. They are the most wanted products in the summer season. So adding the variety of sunglasses accompanying other summer-friendly items too would lead to good sales in summers.

Launch a summer product

Temperature up, prices down!

This summer, you can attract your customers by providing a discount on the products. This price-drop strategy plays a major role in boosting up your eCommerce business as it compels customers to go for instant purchase. Depending on the vertical of your eCommerce business, you can also give a treat to your customers by launching a clearance sale. This might work as a ticket to bigger sales in the future.

Temperature up, prices down

Run a contest giveaway on your website

Customers always enjoy getting discounts and offers in a fun way. You can start a contest on your website and ask customers to join the same. It’s an excellent way to increase customer engagement and boost conversions. The winner should be provided with some kind of discount voucher or gift cards. With the help of this strategy, you will also be able to capture email ids and some more information about the customer which would be helpful for future marketing purposes.

Run a contest giveaway on your website

Launch special day offers

Although every day is a great day, an eCommerce store owner could double the happiness of customers by launching any kind of offer on the festivals. This strategy can hook customers to your website resulting in a good chunk of profit.

For example:

You can provide offers or sale for Black Friday or for a Juneteenth festival celebrated in the USA and many more.

Get Set and Go with your customers!

Last, but not the least, you can follow up with your existing customers by informing them about some good offers and newly launched products to generate some good leads. Plan for a product release or arrange new promotions by advertisements. This would strengthen your relationships with existing customers. They can provide you immense success by referring you to more users which can convert in potential buyers.

Customer Relationship


Although the summer months may not result in the best selling season of the year due to a decrease in the figure of revenues that doesn’t stop you to be more productive and boost up your sale. As a business owner, it’s important to be calm and patient to see the success. Use your creativity and implement the above-mentioned strategies either in a single or in multiple shots to help your eCommerce store succeed this summer. Try to be sure that your customer’s experience should be great and you’ll surely be getting some good leads!

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