Web Design- Setting Up Footers

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If you observe the current trends of websites operating over the web, you will come across a relatively more prominence on the web footers placed over the websites. So, when the website footers are now a thing to discuss, you must know some great additions that you can include on your website’s footer section.

Let’s discuss some trending additions you may consider to increase the impact of your website on users.

Blog Promotion

The footer section can include various blog posts which you can easily tweak to show either 5 or 6 posts. This is a great way to cross-link and increase user engagement on your website.

Addition of Site Map along with Contact Form

Add the Site Map of your website in your footer section. The importance of having a site map in your footer section stores the entire site link at one place, giving an advantage to users to scan the entire website and its relative links at once. The Site Map acts as duplicate navigation of whole website to help visitors in moving across the web pages smoothly.

Addition of Contact Form is becoming an entirely new tradition among the website owners. As per the web experts, Footer is the most efficient location to display a contact form to ask about any information, quote or other relative feedback from customers. With this feature, your visitors don’t have to hunt around to find your address or phone number.

Social Media Links or Icons

Attach some social media site in your Footer Link and enjoy the indispensable user community. It not only offers a great means of presentation but also provides easy access to global users.

Privacy Policy and Copyright Information

Every webmasters tracks their web blogs to see how well their website is doing on search engines.

Display clearly that the content, images, etc belongs to whom. Sometimes your website might display other people’s content or link or ads. Mention that they belong to so and so person. If you have used any third party content or logos, mention it too.

Newsletter Sign up

Having a Newsletter Sign up Form in the Footer Section, is an effective method to generate more leads for your website. So, add a newsletter signup form, and start emailing news about your website’s product/service to those signing up.

Before designing an e-Commerce website, look for features that allow to create the best possible shopping experience for your customers. Placing the right elements on your website’s footer page helps to drive customers and create an effective yet functional e-Commerce website for your users.

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