3 Most Common Blunders That Brands Do With Their Shipping Strategies

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Online shopping has and still is the best thing that happened to the business industry. While physical shopping did bring with it some substantial profits on an almost regular basis, online shopping has just tripled that figure due to the ease and convenience by which people can shop, purchase item and track their deliveries.

Ecommerce shipping, in particular is credited one out of many reasons why more and more people are opting to buy their necessities online. If planned well, your shipping strategies can act as a conversion booster for your website.

Are you doing every possible effort to provide accurate shipping to your customers?

If not, you could be losing huge amount of sales. With consumers increasingly demanding free shipping, the pressure is on eCommerce merchants to plan their shipping and fulfillment strategies in a way that it does not impact their sales.

Listed below are the 3 most common eCommerce shipping mistakes that might frustrate your shopper and compel them not to buy from you. If you are doing any of these, it’s time to get rid of them-

Wrong or Poor Packaging Choices-

Wrong packaging choices can cost you more money and create a bad impression of your brand in front of customers. In order to avoid any extra cost, you need to offer tidy, clean and clear packaging. Make sure that you choose the correct size box according to the products. Remember different products have different packaging needs. On the other hand be sure of using appropriate packing materials which have a strong hold so that your product reaches your customer in the same condition as it was picked from your warehouse.

If you keep on spending a lot of time in marketing and development of your product, then make sure to invest in proper time and money to pack it well to avoid any deadly mistake.

Not checking Labels and Address Before Shipping-

Incorrect address labeling can delay packages and increase shipping charges. So, always keep in mind to check and recheck the label and address of products sent to customers.

Shipping labels go a long way to ensure safety of your packages. If you own a business, it is important to choose the right kind of labels for transporting your goods at the correct place and time. Shipping labels are important because it helps the postal authorities to know exactly where the package is to be delivered.

Not Evaluating Your Shipping-

When it comes to the type and level of discounted shipping you offer your customers, considering your profit margins can help a lot. Beyond Margin, you need to consider the size and weight of your products. For example- you just can’t offer free shipping on all products. Larger items are expensive to ship and this is why as a smart retailer you need to avoid free shipping for those.

Free shipping can be offered depending on location, size and weight of your product. This can be a great way to experience long term gains by increasing life time value of your customers. Before providing free shipping, it is always good to look at the areas where expenses can be cut.


For any online retail store, shipping is not only about delivering goods to customers but it offers an ideal representation to quality of service your brand delivers. Shipping mistakes can prove to be fatal for your business and might damage your brand reputation. So, just avoid these mistakes and help your business earn profits.

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