SharePoint is a brilliant document management, sharing, web development and business collaboration platform that is a big hit among numerous businesses around the world. It is packed with amazing features and functionalities that can help in enhancing the productivity of your business. To make this SharePoint platform more engaging and business friendly, various web parts are incorporated into it for accomplishing the various business tasks in a quick and smooth manner.

Web parts are one of the popular and commonly used components of SharePoint that are built for a specific purpose or function. They are a collection of various controls that can be effortlessly added to a SharePoint site or web page. These Web parts were first introduced in ASP.NET 2.0 framework and was later used by SharePoint platform for increasing the site performance. All other web parts that are derived from Webpart class are fully supported by the SharePoint platform and are used for various purposes.

Web parts helps end user to achieve personalized content based on their business requirements within a browser. They can be created by web developers by defining the various properties of the web part. In this way, end user can make quick changes in their page content without involving any administrator or the coding part itself. Velocity, a web development company which also specializes in SharePoint development services has created several web parts for its SharePoint users. These web parts can help in performing various tasks like utilizing Twitter for business promotion, making quick changes in database, adding image carousel and other such crucial tasks that can enhance the performance of your SharePoint site in a major way. Here are some of the SharePoint web parts that are developed by Velocity for increasing the productivity of a SharePoint site.

Twitter Feed Web Part
Query Viewer Basic Web Part
Query Viewer Advance Web Part
Event Calendar Web Part

So, incorporate these web parts in your SharePoint site for grabbing maximum customer engagement, conversions and sales in a smooth way. However, if you want any other desired functionality for your SharePoint site, you can contact Velocity at the number +91-120-4243310 or send us an email at [email protected]. We will employ our experienced and innovative SharePoint developers for ensuring a website that is exactly as per your business requirements.