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How do our customers know that we really care for them? If you feel that your business is missing a special thing, you can bet that it has to do something with customer relations. To deliver the right kind of help to our customers, we have developed a helpdesk management system that ensures all our customer requests are answered on time. It provides features such as real-time analysis and request tracking. Our helpdesk software solution does much more than responding to customer’s queries.


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HD 360’ s shared ticket management feature allows your team to resolve issues based on priority. Once a ticket is created, its priority is set (medium, low, high, urgent) based on the nature of issues. Based on the progress and completion of each ticket, status of ticket are set as: New, Open, In Progress, On Hold, Awaiting User Action and Closed. With a robust ticket management platform, our helpdesk system facilitates customer support and admin to submit, process and take necessary action to request raised by our customers.

HD 360 allows each department within our organization to manage their own support or request issue. This whole multi-functional framework has a rich application interface with visually appealing user interface for users of the support system. With HD 360’s ticket assign and transfer feature, admin can re-assign tickets to users of different department altogether.

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Our efficient ticket management software offers vast databases of information regarding commonly occuring problems.

HD 360, an ideal ticket management solution allows you to provide customer service of a superior level in an efficient and organized way.

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