Monitor Project Progress and Enhance Productivity with Bugz 360

Regardless of their size, all companies have a method of task tracking. Without a task tracking system that offers real time task tracking capability, it’s practically impossible for management to know where task resolution status stands in real time. Using a web based tracking system, project managers can track each employee’s task progress, making it easy to re-delegate tasks. In order to improve the quality of project management for your organization, Velocity has developed an open source web based bug tracking software, Bugz 360 that allows you to keep your projects and daily operations on schedule by easily disseminating real time information in real time. To offer a more specific idea of how our software can benefit your organization, we have listed some of the important features of our system. Let’s take a look.

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Bugz 360 is a web based bug tracking system that utilizes a backend SQL database with an easy to use web interface. It is an open source bug tracker system that provides the ability to have testers and users enter new bugs.

Automatic Email Notifications-

It is a system that permits automatic email notifications allows managers to notify workers of new assignments via email. An email is automatically sent to the person assigned as project manager. Our issue tracker alerts workers when they receive new tasks. On large projects where multiple workers can receive multiple tasks in a short period, the ability to notify them on the tasks via email alerts simplifies task delegation for project managers and keeps workers informed on their workload on a real time basis.

Categorize Issues-

In addition to being ideal for team work, our software allows you to categorize issues according to various criteria like- task severity, Issue reported by whom, task completion status and so on. Throughout this process, team members can easily view the status of task, thereby eliminating chances of miscommunication.

Our bug tracking software consists of file management and team collaboration. As regards file management, several facilities are offered online: online viewing of files, uploading and downloading files, editing and saving documents etc. With improved project control and visibility, Bugz 360 helps keeping a project run smoothly. It improves the quality of any project because any risk of misunderstanding is greatly reduced. Since all team members are kept in loop and can adjust their focus as things come up, the quality of overall project will be at its peak.

If you are a project manager, you will benefit from the ability to see a bird’s eye view of project by downloading this software. Contact us to know more about the benefits of our web based project management software for your business.

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