The initial step to go ahead with the improvement of business process and collaboration is implementation of a SharePoint Intranet. However, there are several things that need to be taken care of while operating a SharePoint website. Administration is one such crucial aspect that has to be given full attention in order to make sure that your SharePoint business platform is running smoothly.

SharePoint Administration Services at Velocity are aimed at providing websites that have reduced downtime and increased performance level. We understand very well that intranet is an essential backbone for your business and therefore have come up with services that help you reduce your IT costs and improve downtime and performance issues.


SharePoint Administration Services at Velocity guarantee-

  1. Monitoring SharePoint infrastructure on a regular basis
  2. Regular backup of SharePoint sites
  3. Deployment of custom web parts and features
  4. Configuring Security
  5. Checking and fixing potential health issues of your SharePoint business tool


Administration services can be majorly categorized into 2 parts:

  1. Sharepoint Server Administration
  2. Sharepoint Data Migration

If you are looking forward to move from Lotus Domino, Alfresco or upgrade from old version of SharePoint to the new on, you might be interested in the SharePoint Migration Services offered by Velocity. Click Here to read about the same.