Maintaining server administration is the back-bone for online businesses. In the present era of technological advancement, if any organization aims to react quickly to a changeable business environment, then it needs to ensure that its IT infrastructure stays at the front. The quick growth of latest technologies like Mobility and Cloud Computing is compelling businesses to innovate the way it functions. We understand the importance of maintaining your Lotus Domino environment, therefore we have something that suits your business needs.

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In order to monitor, resolve and troubleshoot admin services for Domino infrastructure, Velocity is in possession with experienced server admin staff who take proper care to manage backup for various domino enabled messaging servers. Apart from it, our consultants do keep on monitoring the servers by taking a proactive approach for maintaining server health checkup, understanding changes in database encryption lists, configuring domain searching, configuring smart upgrade, conceptualizing differences between Standard and Basic Notes clients in different competent areas.

Our Domino Admin Infrastructure Management services are carried out by a highly experienced team of consultants who have built up years of experience in this domain.

Our Proficiency in Domino Admin Infrastructure-

Our team members follows the best practices to provide services to our clients. In order to deliver world class services, our team is having proficient expert in the following-

Database and Store Management- Our consultants decide what type of data will be stored and how will it be stored. Our services allow you to create, alter and revise the data in a database. Also, it works to centralize all the information into a single system, so you have everything at your fingertips, and have it there quickly. The management of data is done in such a way, that a number of applications can share it. Authorizing users to access data, where users will have access to the data they are meant to use is appropriately taken care of. Our specialists are well versed in storing, recovering and securing your information. They provide services to make sure that the system works well in any situation.

Server Security- Server are the backbone of your business, so you must be extra careful while dealing with them. The Domino server functions to serve data to Notes clients, Web clients or both. Lotus Notes has an excellent feature to protect NSF database, which is called ACL or Access Control List. This feature helps the database admin apply securities on the NSF databases. In such a situation, if any unauthorized user tries to access the secured NSF database files, then an error message, gets displayed.

Physical/Virtual Server Management- Virtual Server Management services at Velocity addresses diverse issues and these issues could be affected by a variety of factors. Our management services are dedicated to look into the overall performance of servers. The performance of the server is always under check and allocation of the number of virtual servers to the main server is always tackled and analyzed for smooth performance of the system.

Policy Implementation- Our data security policy document comprises the following areas that need to be secure-

  • Server Security – All servers will be secured and only authorized persons will have access to log in.
  • Data Backup – Data will be backup on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Maintaining patch upgrade and hardware upgrade – Our services lets you upgrade to a faster and uninterrupted web server to monitor applications, handle technical support, maintain backups and restores, configuration and tuning for your Lotus Domino suite environment.

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