As we say “Customer is King”, therefore our focus should be on presenting such websites that pleases our customer and compel them to shop. For enhancing the looks and functionality of E-Commerce websites, Velocity is offering OpenCart Shopping Cart Design- redesign services including customization and installation of OpenCart in your websites. Our motto is to design a well designed store that creates a positive impact upon your customers. For providing designing services, we are in- housed with experienced professionals who are well aware of “what” and “how” of an E-Commerce business.

Online business is all based on presentation and if you want to excel in bringing customers back to your website, then it is required to focus on a proper designed web store. For designing of Shopping Cart, we focus on some of the essential factors as- Search Engine Friendly URL’s, Integration of shopping cart with product catalogue, Extensions to social media neworking, development of OpenCart applications to work on Android based platform. Apart from it, we design templates with enticing layouts and responsive web design feature that appeals your customers.

Besides, we also offer design and templates in different styles and size to choose from. We create designs that are cross browser compatible so that your website is easy to get accessed with mobile applications and other browsers.

Start with us today to avail the benefits of our services.


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