Shipping services is one of the main component for determining the popularity of an eCommerce store among its business rivals. If you can’t ensure the seamless availability of ordered products to your customers, you can’t expect people to engage with your business again and again. However, this shipping process is prone to several errors that can affect the rate of customer engagement and brand identity for your business entity. There are many instances where customers have got the wrong products from delivery services and have not only claimed product return or payment refund but can affect the prospects of your future business growth. With the gradual increase in the business activities, the shipping operations became much more complicated and the chances of errors during fulfillment became more prominent than ever before. But, the whole scenario changed completely with the emergence of this PickPack+ system.

Transition in shipping process with the emergence of PickPack+

Earlier people involved in the shipping process have to use the invoice statement for placing products in packing box located at different locations which was not only obsolete but also increases the chances of errors during packaging. All this would be a forgotten case with the emergence of this PickPack+ that has revamped and improved the shopping process to a great extent.

With this PickPack+ system, multiple product orders are selected in the shopping cart (maximum 35 orders are selected at a time) by scanning the cart and then downloading the product orders. Now, bin number is defined by the client which provides information about the packing box. The bin location where a product is to be placed is selected based on bin number which is sorted before. Now, the bin location, image and bar code are scanned and the product is finally placed once the bar code of the product and the bin is matched. This automatic process eliminates any chances of product misplacement which is a common phenomenon in the shipping environment during the case of manual selection. At a given instance, normally 5- 6 batches are selected having a maximum of 35 orders.

Role of PickPack+ in various areas

This PickPack+ system is not just limited to shipping process but has diverse use in other areas like order management, inventory reset and inventory updation.

Order Management-

With the help of PickPack+, you can effortlessly retrieve orders, fetch new orders by scanning the cart.

Inventory Reset-

By scanning the product bar code, store owners can find the actual quantity of a product in the inventory and can update the scanned number for resetting the inventory correctly.

Inventory updation-

Here, each product is scanned and the changes are made to the inventory. It also supports cart integration for seamless product management by scanning a maximum of 35 orders at a time.

It is time to evolve your shipping process with the changing business scenario for ensuring a timely and accurate product delivery to your targeted customers. This PickPack+ is definitely an amazing way to automate your shipping services and to eliminate any shipping related errors. For availing this service, you can contact our company, Velocity at our number +1 (424) 653-6907 or can also mail us at our address


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