Confused between Magento and PrestaShop platform? Check out this comparison

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Confused between Magento and PrestaShop platform? Check out this comparison | Velsof

Analyze the features of these eCommerce platforms for making a quick business decision.

It has been observed that customers are in a dual mindset while selecting the appropriate eCommerce platform for their site. While some of the store owners may swear in the name of Magento, there are others that may be lobbying for PrestaShop platforms to build their eCommerce site. No doubt, both of these platforms may have their own merits and demerits which makes it difficult to choose the right platform for your eCommerce site.

It would be of no use if people try to make claims about the superiority of their respective Magento and PrestaShop platforms without any proper reasons. This will not provide any clear idea to store owners while selecting the best eCommerce platform for their site. To help a large number of such eCommerce businesses, here is the detailed comparison of Magento and PrestaShop platforms for a smart decision making process.

Ease of installation and use

For any eCommerce store owners, it would be certainly a divine feeling if an eCommerce platform can be quickly installed and use without any external assistance. This is one such area where PrestaShop stores have an advantage over their Magento stores. PrestaShop is one such platform which can be effortlessly installed  and used by beginners or non technical persons also. Magento is also easy to install and use but novice users may experience some problems initially.

Number of features available to users

If you are one of those store owners who want an online store which is packed with numerous features for website optimization and customization, you need to go for this Magento platform. This eCommerce platform consists of various embedded features that can improve website performance and offer real time information. It does not mean that PrestaShop does not have amazing features for eCommerce stores but the number and level of features provided by Magento is just too diverse as compared to the PrestaShop platform.

Level of flexibility and customization offered

Due to the user friendly interface of PrestaShop, it is now easy to customize PrestaShop stores according to their business requirements and specifications. Magento is built on a model which is not easier for any eCommerce store owner to make the required changes and customizations in a smooth manner without any external help.

Customer support and assistance

In an online business environment, getting issues related to eCommerce sites are a common phenomenon which requires the need of an effective customer support services. Thanks to this Magento platform which comes equipped with a technical support team and a community of Magento developers that are dedicated to handle a wide range of Magento related issues. Whereas in case of PrestaShop, store owners just have to rely on community forums for the speedy resolution of PrestaShop issues. This could be a severe negative point for PrestaShop store owners who want a quick and reliable issue resolution.

Multi lingual support

Targeting customers of different linguistic regions and countries is a smart way to boost eCommerce sales. If you are looking to expand the reach of your eCommerce store to various linguistic regions, it is time to pay attention towards PrestaShop platform. Now PrestaShop store owners can avail the translation feature in 41 languages, but the fully functional PrestaShop features are available in English and French only. In case of Magento, translation features can be acquired by installing various translation extensions from Magento platform and other third party extension sites.

Final result- Who is the winner?

Like I have mentioned in the beginning, there is no winner or loser when it comes to selecting either Magento and PrestaShop platform. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses. However, let us inform you which eCommerce platform would be ideal for particular business situations.

If you are one of those eCommerce store owners that want the complete control, advanced cart features, dedicated support team and expert customization facility for their online store, Magento is the ultimate platform to go for. It is superb for large eCommerce businesses that are thinking about expansion and growth.

Similarly, smaller and medium eCommerce businesses need to focus on PrestaShop platform due to its user friendly interface, customization services, affordable installation and maintenance cost and other such features. It is better to first analyze the requirements of your eCommerce business and then choose the appropriate platform accordingly for grabbing maximum business output.

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