What Exactly Are Holiday Shoppers Looking For?

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What Exactly Are Holiday Shoppers Looking For? | Velsof

The insight shows how shopping behavior of consumers get influenced and what techniques should be adopted so as to maximize sales during holiday season

As per the survey conducted by MarketLive, it was depicted that how buying trends changed the way shoppers shop during the holiday season. The insight shows that how retailers should prepare themselves so as to maximize sales during the holiday season.

The few major highlights of the survey observed were-

1. Social Media Networking To Influence Shopper’s Behavior-

The survey revealed how social networking channels influences conversion rate during the shopping season. Product reviews and recommendations on social media helps users decided whether they should buy a product or not.  Around

75% of users find product reviews and recommendations most influential.

51% use social media to look for gifts on social sites like Pinterest

53% use it for sharing product recommendations with family and friends

56% look for gift ideas

2. Product Reviews and Recommendations-

From the survey, it was highlighted that personalized product recommendations too play a major part.

52% shoppers take advantage of recommended products on a retailer’s website

42% of shoppers take advantage of advertisement sent on mobile phone

55% shoppers take advantage of product recommendations sent via email

3. Omni Channel Marketing Approach during Holiday Season-

Omni Channel Marketing is all about leveraging all digital channels, technology, creative and promotional messaging to maximize recall with consumers as well as creating a consistent brand experience.

As per the reports conducted by e-tailing group and MarketLive

78% of shoppers visit a store as a result of text promotions or alerts sent via mobile

62% go for a purchase as a result of notification sent to mobile device

89% want the ability to buy online and then pick up in-store

86% want the ability to reserve online and buy-in store

4. In-store Experience equally matters-

For the first time, this year an equal percentage of shoppers are deciding where to buy based on retailers’ websites as on their physical stores. And the shopping experience on mobile screens is becoming more important:

48% look for in-store browsing experience

44% consider the quality of physical store

28% shoppers give preference to mobile website experience

5. The use of advanced technology in making shopping convenient-

Motivated by convenience and efficient shopping experiences, a majority of survey respondents eagerly want to use advance technology features-

75% of shoppers look for online receipts

79% look for the ability to access availability at another store and ship directly to the consumer

73% go for curbside pick up

77% look for purchase and delivery on the same day

As per the survey underlined the need for retailers to prepare themselves becomes highly important. With the online marketing approach, retailers will be able to meet consumer’s online shopping expectations across all channels. The annual survey provides merchants with a roadmap for how to engage shoppers during the next few critical retail months and into the New Year.

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