Understanding Ecommerce Design: Importance of Banner Ad Design

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Designing a successful eCommerce website requires a large amount of attention in detail. The major key components that must be kept in mind before designing an effective eCommerce website have been discussed in the previous chapter of this segment. In this part, you will be able to gather knowledge on the second most important aspect of eCommerce web designing, i.e Banner designing.

Banners have been a major part of designing since its early days as it has always been a great way to market your products or services online. Attractive banner design can allow people to click on them. However, to increase your click through rate (CTR), you must design a really good looking and attractive banner.

Below are few tips for successful banner ad design

Add “Call to Action”-

A selling banner should prompt customers to contact you. Place a “Click here”, “Submit here” or “Order Now” graphic image on your banner. This can help improve your CTR significantly.

Standard Size- Never ignore the size of your banner, creating an ad that is larger than standard is not the way to get attention. Keep your banner design standard with a bold heading that looks nice and proportionate. Such a banner would attract more attention than any other web banner design.

Link your Landing Page-

Link banner directly to your landing page where user can purchase or request a quote from you.

Choose Appropriate Color Themes- Choosing the right color according to your business is also an important factor that will influence your visitors judgement of your site’s credibility. Pick colors that represent what your site’s about the best.

Have a Clear Navigation-

Try to design straight forward menus which provide customers a clear view by telling them where to go next. For this, you can have appropriate button, wherever needed on your website page.

These are some important points that you must consider before designing an eCommerce website.

Rotating Banners, also known as Home Page Carousels have become very popular for designing web pages. Such type of banners are known to offer professional touch to any eCommerce website. Rotating slides are extremely effective to drive more number of customers to your website.

Listed below are some of the advantages which tells why you should have Rotating Banners on your websites

For proper communication and engaging customers on your site-

Once the rotating banner ads are launched successfully on your website, it gives you the chance to communicate information to your customers. Banner ads are meant to enhance speed and navigation factors of your website, in turn allowing you to manage the amount of information revealed by your banners.

For enhancing ROI for your business-

With the help of rotating ads, you can target the key areas of your business to a specific range of business. With better and targeted advertising, your business ultimately leads to an increase in ROI.

For Maintaining Brand Reputation- Some small scale businesses can appear much larger by simply having visually appealing banner design ads. Rotating banner ads can make a prominent difference when it comes to enhance brand image.

Simple rules for designing functional Rotating Banner ads-

Have a clear “Call to Action”-

Clear “Call to Action” is something that explains users what exactly they should expect when they click on the ad. The value of a banner ad is ultimately defined by the number of clicks it gets. So, in order to avoid confusion and distrust among users, try to have a powerful Call to Action that let users know where they will be directed once they click on it.

Keep it Simple and to the Point-

The basic elements that a well designed banner ad should have must talk about the core purpose of your business and branding. It should not divert customers with unnecessary stuffed content. Try to have a banner ad that is extremely simple and talks straight about the purpose.

Importance of colors-

Customers subconsciously react to certain colors in many different ways. Selecting the right colors for web design is as important as content and graphics. Make sure to have color combinations that are impressive. In that case, black text on white background is the easiest color combination to read. Before finalizing the color, you need to target your primary audiences and their requirements.

Less images-

Minimum use of images should be promoted. You need to have less number of images on your banners.

Appropriate positioning of Banners-

When positioning flash banners, rotating banners or GIF banners, banner advertising must be done properly in order to convert sales. It is good to place your banner ads on the sidebar or on either side of the blog. It is useless to place banner ads at the middle top or bottom page of website.

Banner size is also a key component to decide a good banner placement. The 4 most popular banner sizes include-

  • 468*60 Banners which is mostly accepted
  • 300*250 Block Banners for blog posts
  • 125*125 Small Blocks that is meant for sidebars in blogs particularly
  • 160*600 Skyscrapers used for right and left sidebars

In short, Banner ads have really been successful to enhance CTR and sales conversion rates. If planned properly, it can be a key part of your online marketing campaign. With the help of rotating images and texts, banner ads can lead to an increase in interaction, thereby increasing consumer response.

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