How to get eCommerce Conversions through video styles?

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How to get eCommerce conversions through video styles? | Velsof

Videos are an effective medium to boost sales and traffic on an eCommerce site.

E-Commerce is one of the most promising and fastest growing business segment in the current business scenario. Now virtually everything from clothes to groceries, shoes to bags, accessories to furniture and other stuff, the internet is filled with numerous eCommerce sites that sell all these products online. People are getting everything at their doorstep only without any need for door to door shopping, which has further made the online shopping more popular than before.

People involved in the eCommerce field are looking for new ways to keep their customers engaged on their site. Product videos are one such effort that can help in grabbing more sales and conversions for your eCommerce store. Here are the various videos styles that are utilized by a number of eCommerce stores around the world for better conversion rate optimization.

1. Model/product based videos-

Featuring a product video on an eCommerce site is a great way to boost customer engagement and sales for an online store. It not only educates a customer about a new product but also helps in increasing the product sales. Below is an engaging Product video from Gillette, a global men’s grooming and shaving brand which explains about its new razor called as Gillette Fusion ProShield. This informative video is crucial both in terms of customer education as well as product sales. Prepare a short less than a minute product video for your eCommerce store to boost your product sales and conversions.

2. Documentary based videos-

Sharing the experiences of your customers or an expert opinion on a subject can encourage visitors to spend more time on your site. These documentary videos arouse the instant interest of a visitor and compel him/her to spend time on a site. Below is a documentary video of Global Travels that guide customers about how to become a travel agent. This less than a 2-minute video is informative and keeps the visitors hooked on the site for better conversion rates. You can try out similar documentary for your travel related eCommerce site and can involve your social media optimization team for its maximum popularity on social media sites.

3. Instructional or How to videos-

Most of the people coming on a site are often looking for answers to their problems. This brings the need for a How-to or instructional videos that can offer a step by step solution for a given problem. Check out this how-to video of Knowband store that guide eCommerce store owners about how to add product as a seller on a PrestaShop Marketplace store. It is time to include how to videos that can offer a solution to your targeted customers and can optimize your conversion rates simultaneously.

4. Demo videos-

How to get eCommerce conversions through video styles- Demo videos| Velsof

Demo videos can be a great help to urge customers for a product purchase.

If you can explain your targeted customers about your featured product through demo videos, it will definitely pay you in terms of product sales and conversion rates. Post multiple demo videos about a product on your eCommerce site for better customer engagement and sales. Check out this Amazon video shown below that explains visitors about how to perform photography with a digital DSLR camera. The video keeps the customers engaged and urge them to go for the product purchase which is shown in the demo video. It is important to avail the expertise of a reputed web development services company to incorporate amazing demo videos in your eCommerce store.

Final words 

Don’t ignore the importance of videos for the growth and expansion of your eCommerce store. However, don’t forget to use optimized videos in order to achieve better search engine rankings and customer engagement. So, utilize the combined expertise of eCommerce services and search engine optimization company that can provide you engaging and optimized videos for maximum conversions.

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