Velocity’s Indoor Sports Tournament is all about Think hard and Play Harder

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“The key is not the will to win… everybody has that. It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”

~ Bobby Knight

Well, the first-ever Sports Meet was quite a success and that’s exactly why Velocity organized the Indoor Sports Tournament 2019 on a grander level with a lot more fun and frolic. Just like the last year, the organization planned a whole week of games including Chess, Carom, Pool, and Table Tennis with a new addition of Ludo. The day when the news of the Sports even came through, there was certain enthusiasm that ran across the office like wildfire and everyone started to plan which games to enroll for.


Well, the management made sure that every Velocitians participated in a lot of games available on the list. Everyone made their choices when the list was passed onto them and they were made sure to check their choices again once. The list was finalized, the games with who will compete against who were prepared and finally the games started. Whoa!! The league matches were actually supposed to come to an end within 4 days but well, there were more than 200 matches and it took them almost a week and a half to get over with them. That happened even the matches continuously happened till 8:30 to 9 o’clock at night on the weekdays. The fun and the intensity grew when the league matches got over and it was time for the quarterfinals.

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Everyone was competing from the new joiners to the entire management and everything was being done in the true sportsmen spirit. What made staying here late even when their (participants) matches were not scheduled for the day was the lip-smacking snacks that were served every evening. All they had to do was – cheer for their favorite participants and hog on the lovely burgers, dhoklas, kachori, samosas, pizzas and more. The lunchtime was more like tables being occupied with participants playing Chess and Ludo rather than having their lunch boxes opened in front of them.

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The players who participated last year came with a lot of practice just to ace what they were playing and the first timers showcased their best efforts and played their hearts out giving their best. So, after almost 2 weeks the day finally came when the finals were to happen and everyone was so excited. Whether the ones competing or not, everyone stayed back just to cheer up the finalists.


Finally, it was over with winners and runner-ups being awarded for their efforts and also the coordinators who made sure that the matches happen with full transparency were rewarded handsomely. All’s well that ends well and here we are – waiting for another year of Indoor Sports Meet at Velocity Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

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