Illuminating Diwali Celebrations at Velocity!

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As a testament to India’s unity in diversity, Velocity embraced the vibrant festival of Diwali with zest and zeal. The cultural tapestry of our nation was woven into every aspect of our celebration, starting from the grand Diwali that fills hearts with lights.

This year, the ‘plane of celebrations’ floated gracefully above Velocity, landing at the enchanting “Float by Duty Free, Spectrum@Metro Mall, Noida.” The excitement began with a surprise announcement that echoed through inboxes, setting the stage for a memorable gathering of Velocitians.



The evening unfolded with warm camaraderie, filled with spicy teasing and engaging conversations. Velocitians immersed themselves in the festive spirit, creating an atmosphere of joy and celebration. The Diwali special treat awaited, and soon, the team was treated to a delightful ‘Diwali meal,’ featuring a spectrum of mouth-watering Indian cuisines that added flavor to the festivities.



As the night progressed, the ‘mocktails and alcoholic beverages’ made their entrance, offering a diverse range of drinks to suit every palate. The dance floor beckoned, and soon, Velocitians showcased their dance moves, breaking barriers and lighting up the floor with energy and enthusiasm.



To immortalize the beautiful moments, a lively ‘photoshoot’ ensued, capturing the glamour of senior employees and the exuberance of junior champs on stage. The evening blurred the lines between bosses and employees, creating an atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of Diwali – a celebration of togetherness.

The Diwali celebration reached its pinnacle with the exchange of ‘Diwali gifts.’ Velocitians received tokens of love filled with Gujjiyas, colors, balloons, and pichkaris, reinforcing the essence of the festival beyond its joyous moments. We extend our gratitude to the organizers for curating such a memorable Diwali experience for the Velocity family.

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